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By noelmichael, May 16 2018 02:13PM

The first question to ask, for those with an enquiring mind who want to know about the Catholic Faith, might be - "Who is this JESUS?"

Did such a person as Jesus ever exist, or is his story just another fairy story?

I am a 'cradle Catholic' so my answer to that question has never been in serious doubt.

Yes, Jesus did exist. He walked the earth around 2000 years ago and there is abundant evidence that this was the case. Let me tell you about something I have done very recently - why, because it could well make a very good starting point for an investigation the meaning and truth of Catholicism:

This is what happened to me. Friends of mine, also Catholics, loaned me a copy of the 2017 movie, "The Case for Christ" and they urged me to watch it. I am sure this was not because they had any doubts about the strength of my faith. Rather, it was because they knew I had some family members who had given up the practice of their faith and they thought this film might prove to be useful as a means of bringing my family back to faith. So, I did watch the movie. It is autobiographical in nature and content, based on a book of the same title which was written by Lee Strobel, a reporter on the Chicago Tribune newspaper. He also wrote the screenplay for the movie. Lee was an atheist so, when his dearly-beloved wife 'found God' he could not handle it. He set out on a crusade to prove beyond doubt that Jesus did not exist or, at least, even if he could not prove that this person did not exist, he was determined to show that this Jesus was just an ordinary person like you and me.

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