In the Words of Pope Francis

"Christianity is not a philosophical doctrine, it’s not a program for life survival or education, or for peacemaking. These are consequences of it. Christianity is a person, a person raised on the Cross, a person who annihilated Himself to save us, who became human, [with]sin.”

The Pope added that the Cross isn't a prop for altars and churches, but rather "it's the mystery of the love of God,” where all sins are forgiven.
9th April 2014

"It would be good for us to pray, today, so that the Lord gives us the grace not to lose the sense of sin, so that the Kingdom of God does not crumble". 31st January 2014

"Christians should ask for the grace of trusting God in both the good times and the bad." 3rd February 2014

"You think the free markets, financial markets are wonderful and the cure to every problem in the world. Or you think that free markets, financial markets are satanic and nothing good comes out of them.” 4th February 2014

"A market doesn´t care about the fact that you're an old person and don't have enough to live or the market doesn't care that you don't have the skills to keep up and have a good job.” 4th February 2014