HEARING AID HEAVEN if your aids are fitted with a T-switch

Do you wear hearing aids ?


If so, do you wear hearing aids that are fitted with a T - switch  [the sort of hearing aid that is fitted with a switch by which you can 'tune in' to the 'loop system' in Church].


If your hearing aids are of this type, you could consider installing an induction loop in your own home. It is relatively simple to do this, (and, in any case, help may be available to you)


The cost is very reasonable (I paid less than £100.00 on EBAY for my parts).


As soon as your loop has been installed and adjusted, you can listen to TV, films or music with your own sound level, and high-quality sound, that is completely independent of the TV volume control. Your life will never be the same again!


CLICK HERE for a clearly explained INFORMATION SHEET. There are also contact details if you should require further information.