One God, Three Persons

In common with all Catholics


We believe


There is ONE GOD.


We believe that God has revealed himself to us, and that He created each of us for a purpose.


God reaches out to us and we respond.


God is eternal, existing before the beginning of time and after time comes to an end.


God became human in the person of JESUS CHRIST. Mary, the mother of Jesus, conceived him and gave birth to him by the power of the Holy Spirit.




        *  lived

        *  taught

        *  was condemned to death

        *  died on the cross

        *  rose from the dead


        *  returned to heaven


Jesus will come back to Earth at the end of the world to judge the living and the dead.


The Holy Spirit, who gives life, has been sent to the world and gives life to the Church.



God is pure Spirit !

God is the almighty and pure Spirit who thinks and wills and knows and loves !

God is unchanging.



This is as St. Paul says:


"This is the Good News that God promised long ago through His prophets in the Scriptures. This news is about the Son of God who, according to human nature he took, was a descendant of David. It is about Jesus Christ, Our Lord, who, in the order of the spirit of holiness that was in Him, was proclaimed Son of God, in all His power, through the Resurrection from the dead"


                                                       First Letter of St. Paul to the Romans, Chapter 1 Verse 7