Our Next Film Night   - (1)  "Come to Me - the Gift of Reconciliation"

                                        (2) "Pope John Paul II"

Date:                                Monday 8th April and Tuesday 9th April

                                         starting at 7.00 pm on both evenings


The Gift of Reconciliation

A lively and inspiring look at Jesus and his gift of forgiveness in the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

It features testimony from Catholics who have returned to the full practice of their faith.

It also features an insight into the depth and richness of this beautiful Sacrament through which we are enabled to fully restore our loving relationship with our Heavenly Father.

Pope John Paul walking in a street

POPE JOHN PAUL II. In this feature length film, Academy Award Winner, Jon Voight delivers an incredibly inspirational portrayal of the spiritual life journey of Pope John Paul II. This epic film follows the remarkable life of Pope John Paul II from his youth in Poland to his international crusade to advocate for the poor and oppressed to his

final days at the Vatican.


English actor, Cary Elwes, and an all-star supporting cast give equally inspiring performances.


This moving film was shot on location in Rome and in Poland, and with the cooperation of the Vatican and takes an intimate look at the holy man who touched millions and changed the face of the Church and of the world.