This Wednesday the church celebrates the great mystery of the Incarnation through the Annunciation to Our Lady. This moment marked the time when thanks to the “Yes” of Our Blessed Lady the Word became Flesh and dwelt among us. The Emmanuel is now with us. The work of the Incarnation is continues through our good words and merciful actions.


At this time of the global coronavirus pandemic we need to pray and support those who through their professional health care become the healing merciful hands of the Lord. These merciful actions often at the risk of exposure to danger, involve doctors, nurses, medical technicians, paramedics, and all health professionals who are on the front lines of the coronavirus epidemic.


We need to support them in our prayers to provide them with spiritual protection, and to keep their spirits joyful as they serve the increasing number of sick among us.


To this end the World Apostleship of Fatima invites us to pledge an extra rosary to be prayed this Wednesday.


Wednesdays are, of course, the day normally reserved for the Glorious mysteries, but as it is the feast of the Annunciation, we are being asked to offer an additional rosary praying the Joyful mysteries in honour of the Annunciation for our health care professionals, and for those in self-isolation.


And, this Wednesday 25th March, at 7.30 pm at the Basilica in Fatima, there will be a Rosary and consecration to Our Lady led by the Bishop of Fatima, Cardinal António dos Santos Marto, This will be specifically for the victims of the coronavirus, their relatives, and associated health personnel.

Annunciation 25March

You can join in with via this link:


Please join the World Apostleship of Fatima this coming feast day, Wednesday 25th March, and pray for those on the front line of this pandemic.