In common with all Catholics, we believe:


 -  that one of the ways in which God reveals Himself to us is through the Bible.


The Bible is not one Book but a collection of Books. It is in two main parts- the Old Testament and the New Testament.


The Old Testament consists of forty-six books and is the history of how God revealed Himself over hundreds and thousands of years to a people and taught them his Law and made a Covenant with them.


The New Testament consists of twenty-seven books. God made a New Covenant with us all and sealed it with the blood of His son.  Four books give an account of what Jesus, God made Man, did during His life on earth, how He died and rose again. After His Resurrection and Ascension the Church was formed and the next books of the New Testament show how it spread.  The last book of the Bible is about the end of the world and the second coming of Jesus Christ.


The first part of every Mass is the Liturgy of the Word, a reading from the Old Testament, a reading from the Psalms and a reading from the New Testament. This is usually followed by a homily by the priest explaining and meditating on the Readings.  


The Church teaches that although many individuals wrote down the words of the Bible they were inspired by God who is the true Author of the Bible. It is His message in writing, so that we may read it.  


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